Sport Play

Sport plays an important role in building people’s health to enable them to live a healthy life. Driven by its importance, the Faculty of Sport Sciences with three departments offers four study programs in the  following fields of study: physical health and recreation, sport coaching, coach, and sport sciences.
Do you want to become more intelligent in your office? Free from fatigue at home? Being able to spend some quality time with your family? Getting a lower stress level? All these desires can be fulfilled through exercise. 
That's what the experts say about the benefits of exercise. In short, exercise not only to tighten the muscles and increase stamina. There are many other benefits such as psychological effects caused thereby, and this proves that the exercise has multiple benefits. The following facts demonstrate the truth of the benefits of exercise; and hopefully to bring these facts we will realize that there is no reason for you to not exercise.
1. Exercising Will Increase Your Brain Capacity
"Exercise increases energy and increase serotonin in the brain", so says David Atkinson, director of Cooper Venture Development Program, a division of Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, USA. Serotonin is a hormone in the brain that functions as a modulator of the working capacity of the brain that includes regulating emotional stability, understanding and appetite. So people who do exercise a significant amount will find their productivity increased. Productivity someone does not just mean the person can provide a good quality of work, but it can also contribute to a happy working atmosphere in the workplace.
2. Moving Body Helps Melt Your Stress
Exercising gives good relaxation effect for everyone. That's why when someone starts practicing, he will soon find out that it will reduce stress and make it a happier person. Atkinson said that when a person is happy, the effect is not only one's own benefit. This condition causes the person becomes irritable, thus, improve the quality of relationships with co-workers, family and others.
3. Exercising will Provide Energy
Exercising, although only 30 minutes a day, can change someone's day from morning till night. When endorphins are released into the blood during exercise, a person will feel more energetic throughout the day. Endorphins are chemicals in our brain that can make the brain to relax.
Atkinson had received complaints from clients who said that he felt tired after practice. Atkinson explained that fatigue usually occurs in the first few sessions after exercise because the body is not accustomed to. After that, the fatigue will disappear by itself.
4. Not Difficult Finding Time To Exercise
Many people think that they do not have time to exercise. Then, do not have specific equipment such as a pair of sports shoes be prohibitive. Actually, Atkinson stated, exercising can be started from a simple idea, "Thinking that we kill two birds with one stone." That means you really do two things or get two benefits by doing one activity.
You can start by asking your children to play with their bikes in the park. You can see it while exercising at the same time. If one day you need to have a meeting with someone, you can choose a place that has a jogging track, parks, swimming pools or other facilities that can be used to exercise. You can even exercise while doing house chores. The important thing is to move your body.
5. Exercising will Fostering Relationships
Exercising increases your relationships with others. If it is done with the family, you will feel closer to them. This also applies if you work together with your friends. In addition, it is possible that you get new friends through exercise. In addition, people who are trying to lose weight, really need the support of friends so that these efforts succeed.
6. Exercising will Fight Disease
Research shows that exercise can slow down and prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases. Exercising can even slow the aging process and also boost the immune system. By having an immune system that is better, at least you can reduce the chances of getting the flu and other common illnesses.
7. Exercising will Pumping Heart You Better
Exercise makes your heart stronger. The function of the heart and cardiovascular system work more effectively, and this can reduce plaque in blood vessels (which can narrow blood flow), so that the heart will pump blood better. "If your heart becomes stronger, each pump will give a large amount of blood and can slow your heart rate," said Todd A. Astorino from California State University-San Marcos.
8. Exercising will Improve Your Diet
Muscle burns more calories than body fat when you are resting. Thus, the more muscle we have, the better our metabolism naturally. Of burning calories not only happen when you are in a state of rest, but when exercising as well. With good metabolic rate, one can have a healthy diet. As long as not too much, any favorite foods can be consumed.
9. Exercising Increase Your Stamina
Having done consistently for a few weeks, one can feel the difference in his body. The muscles have been developed and these developments can be felt when he did tennis, golf, basketball or any other sport that requires muscle strength. At that time additional power comes from muscles can be felt, said Atkinson.
In addition, the muscles will be able to work more efficiently, faster reacting and durability will also increase.
10. Lose Weight Not Main Goal
Exercising does derive a few pounds from your body, but the benefits of exercise not only to prevent overweight. Using only the sport as a tool for weight loss is not going to be a strong motivator for someone to succeed. This happens because people are usually impatient and want to see the results in an instant. Weight loss through exercise can not be done in a short time.
That is why the motivation to exercise is not recommended for weight loss. There are many more exciting destinations like feel life better, have more energy, reduce stress etc. Therefore, take the time to exercise no matter how busy you are. Remember the saying: "In a healthy body lives a strong soul".