Indonesian Football National Team U19 Following Class

Students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, State University of Yogyakarta (FIK UNY) incorporated in the U19 national team following the lecture odd semester 2014/2015 in the main courtroom GPLA FIK (24/11), with a block system. They seem to follow closely the explanation Dr. Siswantoyo, which is one of the teachers / lecturers from the Department of Sport Coaching Education (PKO).
"We hope this experience will beat you to perform better, You also need to know that there are some things that support the achievement of sports infrastructure, including: 1) persyaratan2) standar3) procurement 4) treatment, 5) indoor usability and outdoor6) specification sports. From what I have described it is clear that we are oriented to national standards, and our system is also clear that each province shall have a national standard. But you, who have tasted the various football field in this country, or abroad if it were able to feel the football field anywhere that has memenui national and international standards "said Siswantoyo. Furthermore Siswantoyo explained that an athlete must have good stamina. Therefore, dilaksanakanlah some medical tests, dintaranya: heart, lung, lactate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and HDL / LDL.
On that occasion, Siswantoyo invites students to provide identification of the supporting infrastructure for sports, especially football field. "Sports facilities and infrastructure facilities owned by the national team is still lacking, for example for training in Yogyakarta always borrow University of Yogyakarta", said one participant. Closing the lecture, Siswantoyo give the task to identify infrastructure soccer field according to existing standards (rew)