In order to preserve the traditional children's games that are decreasingly threatened by modernism in the middle of the advancement of the digital era, Community Service Program of Faculty of Sport Sciences YSU (FIK UNY)held Festival Dolanan Anak. Moreover, the purpose of these activities were that children at the kindergartens can grow naturally and are active in physical activities for children to develop their motor skills through variety of traditional children's games like 'gobak sodor', 'Jejamuran', 'ular tangga’ and ‘eggrang', 'cublak- cublak suweng', and 'eggrang bathok'. said by Prof. Dr. Wawan S. Suherman, M.Ed. as chairman of the Community Service. Furthermore, Wawan hoped that next year could further develop the festival activities with more inviting kindergartens in Yogyakarta as well as in national level.
Festival Dolanan Anak was held at the GOR UNY on Thursday, October 20, 2016 and attended by 18 kindergartens in Yogyakarta. At the event, each kindergarten given 10 minutes to display or perform the 'dolanan' children traditional games then will be given ratings by the jury of Faculty of Sport Sciences YSU, as the appreciation of the traditional game played by participants. The teachers and participants looked happy to participate the festival and also the children were very happy and easy in accepting the child learning through traditional games delivered by the teachers in kindergartens. The presence of the parents in Festival Dolanan Children brought it more fascinating with shouts of support to their children eagerly playing the game, respectively. (Satya)

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