The Yudisium or Graduation Ceremony of Faculty of Sport Science (FIK), State University of Yogyakarta, the period of December had to be so memorable for Alfie Setya Primary, S.Pd. by becoming the youngest participant graduate. He was a Graduate PJKR who was successfully passed with a duration of 3 years 4 months and earned GPA 3:34. Dean of FIK UNY, Prof. Dr. Wawan Sundawan Suherman, M.Ed. in his speech said they were proud and happy for the achievements of education graduates and hope that the provision of science and knowledge to help in facing the challenges of the world of work in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which is in sight. In addition, Dean of Faculty of Sport Science (FIK), State University of Yogyakarta was also happy because all participants graduated numbering 31, all earned grade point average above 3:00. At the end of his speech, Dean of Faculty of Sport Science (FIK), State University of Yogyakarta hoped that graduates may become alumni who play an important role in the development of the Faculty of Sport Science forward to continue working to promote the sport in Indonesia. It should also increasingly contribute positively fatherly value of accreditation in some courses in FIK UNY. Graduated the Faculty of Sport Science, State University of Yogyakarta period of December was held on December 30, 2015 in the Main Courtroom GPLA FIK UNY. All participants graduated totaling 31 consists of 10 participants from the Department of Physical Education Health and Recreation (PJKR) Study Program, 16 of the Teacher Physical Education for Elementary School (PGSD Penjas) Study Program, 3 participants of the Sport Coaching Education (PKO) Study Program, and 2 participants of Sport Science Study Program (Ikor) Study Program. Yudisum which started at 13.00 was concluded with the reading pledge alumnus by Arifin S, Pd, from PJKR Prodiand chanting by H. Jumakir, A.Ma. (Satya)