Instituitions in Partnership with Sport Science Fakulty of YSU
1. Ministry of Youth and Sport of Indonesia
2. Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia
3. Other Faculties of Sport Science in Indonesia
4. National Taiwan University of Nursing and Health Sciences (Taiwan)
5. University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) Malaysia
6. University of Malaya, Malaysia.
7. Kasetsart University, Thailand
8. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
9. SMAN 1 Sewon (Class Talent Sports Specialties) 2012 Prodi PKO
10. SMAN 1 Tanjungsari Gunung (Tests Health and Sport Skills for Prospective Students New Class Sport) 2012 Prodi PKO
11. SMA Muh. 1 Klaten (stub Special Class Special Talent School Sports Muh. 1 Klaten) 2012 Prodi PKO
12. SMAN 1 Slogohimo (Admission of Students New Special Class Special Talent Sports / PPDB KKBIO); Stubs Class Sports 2012 Prodi PKO
13. administration. DIY (Student Sports Olympiad Competition Naisonal Sd Provincial Year 2012) 2012 Prodi PKO
14 PSSI (Human Resources Development and Performance Improvement Football Indonesia) in 2012 Prodi PKO
15. Real Madrid Real Madrid Foundation through SSS Indonesia 2012 Prodi PKO
16 KONI DIY (physical test wushu athletes in FIK UNY); KONI 2012 Prodi PKO
17. PSSI (License Trainer Course D) 2012 Prodi PKO
18. PB Persani Pengprov. DIY PERSANI 2012 Prodi PKO
19. Mingle Persana 2012 Prodi PKO
20. KONI DIY (KONI Board Sleman) 2012 Prodi PKO
21. LANKOR 2012 Prodi PKO
22. Provincial Health Office, 2012 Prodi PKR
23. TVRI Yogyakarta (Field Work Practice) 2012 Prodi PKR
24. Manager / Management Maguwoharjo Stadium Sleman (Field Work Practice) 2012 Prodi PKR
25. Sultan Agung Stadium Bantul (Field Work Practice) 2012 Prodi PKR
26. Depok Sport Center (Field Work Practice) 2012 Prodi PKR
27. Water Boom Park Bantul (Field Work Practice) 2012 Prodi PKR
28. Tourism Board DIY Prev 2012 Prodi PKR
29. Gadjah Mada Medical Center (GMC) Prev UGM 2012 Prodi PKR
30. SMPN5 Depok Sleman (Higher Education Development) 2007 Prodi PJKR
31. SMP 2 Depok Sleman 2007 Prodi PJKR
32. SMAN 1 Srandakan (PPL, PPG, Implementation of Professional Teachers) 2010 Prodi PJKR
33. SMAN 1 Imogiri (PPL, PPG, Implementation of Professional Teachers) 2010 Prodi PJKR
34. SMP 8 Yogyakarta (PPL, PPG, Implementation of Professional Teachers) 2007 Prodi PJKR
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