Fact and Figures

Achievement of student affairs were achieved, including the following:
1.Juara II student achievement levels of the University in 2011 and received an award from the University on behalf of Dwi Aprianto (PJKR) Comparative study to Thailand.
2.Seminar organized by BEM FIK in order UNY Anniversary with the theme "Raising Spirit Sports Character Education in Developing Sense of nationalism to Achieve Achievement Youth and Sports".
3.Zam-Zam Adnan Nikken head is appointed University followed a comparative study in Thailand.
4.Program funded by the Higher Education Student Creativity as much as 1 PKMM Program on Student Arif Ahsan Name Prodi PJKR force in 2007.
5.Sebanyak FIK 130 students received achievement awards in the field of sports during the ceremony Hardiknas UNY dated May 2, 2011.
6.Prestasi students of reasoning: the Scientific Research Competition Kemenpora Sports Industry in 2011, namely:
a) Bara Sauma Adiguna PKO Student class of 2009 won the second, with the title "Natural Herbal Drinks PURICA Energising to Improve and Maintain Stamina Athletes Indonesia".
b) Students Aaron Ikora force in 2010 won Runner 3, with the title "Design of Automatic Speed Meter Run Sprint 200 M-Based Microcontroller to Assist in Creating Match Referee Fair".
7.Satrio Nugroho Wibawanto Ikora students in July 2011 following exercise training with special needs / adaptive in the United States.
8.Mahasiswa FIK UNY contribute to the acquisition of medals in 2011 and Pomnas POMDA to 12 in Riau dated September 18 to 24, 2011.
9. Lia Karina Mansur, Taekwondo athletes silver medalist in the SEA Games in Palembang in 2011.