Scholarship Fund Disbursement PPA AND BBM

Based on the letter from the Head of Student UNY No. 434 / UN.34.01 / KM / 2014 dated July 22, 2014, Page: Information Scholarship Fund Launch BPP PPA and PPA
We hereby announce to students FIK UNY PPA and BBM Scholarship recipient in 2014 that the funding had been liquid, students are expected to immediately take care of BNI 46 Branch UNY with a photocopy of ID card and KTM while taking care schedule as follows:
1. Scholarship BBP-PPA 08.00 s / d 14:00 22-23 July 2014
2. Scholarship PPA 08.00 s / d 14:00 24-25 July 2014
For students who have gone home, can be served after Eid.
Similarly, we say thank you for your attention.
(Head. Students and Alumni FIK)